Individual Psychotherapy

Together we determine how you can develop the most intimate and sacred relationship with yourself. Or if you have other more specific goals, we can work on those as well and explore what might be getting in the way of you reaching them. No matter what the focus, I am alongside you as you look around,  wonder, and experience the joyful, painful, complex process of self-discovery.


Trauma Therapy

Whether you have experienced a one-time intrusive and disruptive event, or have a long-standing unresolved childhood trauma, this work can be extremely effective in helping to integrate the event(s) as an experience of the past rather than remain an agonizing or unconscious loop affecting the present. I utilize EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Post-Induction Therapy, the ground-breaking technique pioneered by Pia Mellody that aims to assist in releasing the pain of un-metabolized trauma while teaching you how to live skillfully in your adult self. From here we are able to create truly deep and intimate relationships with self and other.


Group Psychotherapy

This is a bi-weekly group for women who are experiencing pain and frustration around their relationships to food and body image. I work from the model developed by Women’s Therapy Centre Institute in New York City which emphasizes a non-diet, body-positive approach to treating all levels of body insecurity, from deep-seated eating disorders to basic body dissatisfaction. The group environment provides an exceptional opportunity for women to learn from and support one another toward the goal of living a fully embodied life, just as you are, without the need to constantly monitor food intake or “improve” your body.  We focus on identifying and challenging the messages our culture feeds us that prey on and profit from women’s disdain for their bodies. This is truly a revolutionary experience!


Couples Psychotherapy

My couples therapy assists in identifying what is sitting in the way of true and deep intimacy. The work focuses on shoring up each partner’s self-care practices so that both parties are able to meet one another exactly as they are and from there create clarity around wants, needs, and collaborative efforts toward a stronger, happier partnership.The core element to this process involves creating solid yet permeable boundaries. That way each partner can engage in the relationship rooted in the strength of his or her functional adult self versus a place of childhood wounding


Clinical Supervision & Coaching

I offer on-going or as-needed clinical supervision and coaching. Whether you are seeking general clinical supervision, support building your practice (including fee-setting, practice policies, and working with the clinical frame), assistance in finding your unique clinical voice, or simply assistance working through a particular therapeutic impasse with a client, I’ll work within your clinical style to help you determine the best possible therapeutic interventions and solutions.