Photo by Nousha Salimi, 2016

Photo by Nousha Salimi, 2016


I’m here to give you tools and techniques so that you can lead and navigate your own self-inquiry, and radical self-care. I’m not about imposing processes or ideologies and don’t have all the answers because they’re different for everyone. In fact, it’s in the questions where the juicy stuff lies. Think of me as your guide, holding space and shedding light on those pesky blind spots that are impossible to see on our own and can keep us trapped in destructive patterns and habits. With over 19 years in private practice, I’m trained in a range of Eastern and Western methodologies including psychoanalysis, trauma theory, yoga philosophy, and Zen Buddhism. I source from the wells of wisdom that each of these traditions offer as road maps for living in and through our emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

My hope is that you come to hold yourself, your experiences and feelings, whatever they may be, in high regard so that you can open the doors to honest inquiry. It's only through such bold honesty and inquiry that true transformation is possible. From there we can access our power of choice: choosing how much energy we put toward one experience versus another, one feeling or another, or even one person or another. Most importantly, we can choose to stay present and identify with clarity and bravery, What's True Now?



I have known what I wanted to do for a living since I was 16 years old. Part of this came from an early hunger to understand the “why’s” of the human experience and another from the fact that my psychological survival as a child depended on being exquisitely tuned to the feeling experiences of others. I now consider that sensitivity-born-of-necessity a gift as it led me to explore a variety of therapeutic modalities and fueled my passion for helping others heal. 

I believe deeply in the power of a safe, consistent, and warm connection combined with a genuine commitment to digging in and getting honest as a way to bring about life-changing transformations. Some of these transformations take a while to unfurl while some can happen sooner than you expect. Whatever style, approach, or pace suits you, I will do my best to adapt and offer support and encouragement as we co-create a safe therapeutic space for meaningful inquiry.


I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies with a minor in Anthropology from Scripps College in 1992. In 1995, I graduated from New York University with a Masters in Clinical Social Work. Following that, I completed my certification in Psychoanalysis from Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center in 2007 and then acquired an additional certification in Feminist Psychoanalytic Treatment of Eating Disorders from Women’s Therapy Centre Institute in 2010. More recently, I have completed Part I & II of Pia Mellody’s Post Induction Therapy Treatment under the guidance of Cindy Browning and Part II of EMDR Training under the guidance of William Zangwill and Cindy Browning. In April 2017, I completed a year-long training in Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy with Andrew Tatarsky and Jenifer Talley at The New School for Social Research.

As an essential part of my personal life that also influences my professional life, I am honored to be a member of Brooklyn Zen Center since 2011. In December of 2017, I received the Zen precepts as a lay ordinand from Kosen Zenki Greg Snyder.  This honor of stepping onto a life of service has brought a depth, breadth, and sincerity to my personal and professional lives. I am deeply humbled by the charge to live and practice for the benefit of all sentient beings.   Additionally, I am honored to hold the role of Tenzo (head of kitchen practice) where we put the practice of zazen into motion in the preparation of meals for our sangha.  Also, I am a co-facilitator of our monthly Undoing Whiteness and Oppression group.  This monthly coalition aims to organize individuals who identify as white or are identified as white toward the goals of facing, challenging, and dismantling white privilege and white supremacy under the banner of Zen practice.  

I received my 200-hour Yoga Certification from Yoga Center Amherst in 2009 and teach weekly community-based yoga at a local YMCA near my home in New Jersey where I live with a motley animal squad which includes the enduring spirit of my beloved Pug, Bella (January 2007 to November 2017).