Is all about honesty in the present versus dwelling on the past. It is rooted in the belief that psychological, spiritual, and emotional growth begins with self-care. If we are not taking care of ourselves and truly in touch with our current motivations, fears, wants, and needs, then we cannot appropriately, healthfully, care for ourselves or others. 

Self-care in its truest form is a vital practice for living a full life. And it begins by taking stock, with asking questions and continually checking in with what is true at this very moment. Our wants, needs, and beliefs change just like everything else, so assuming that what was true for us five years ago---or even five minutes ago--is true now, can hold us back. Of course we must look at the past, but only to gain insight into how the past is shaping our truth in the present. 

Self-care starts with self-inquiry.

Self-inquiry brings us to the present.

Presence is where the questions begin.

From the questions your truth unfolds.