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You Are Not the Soup: A Yoga and Zen Workshop for Meeting Your Food and Your Body with Equanimity. Hosted by: Kristin Miscall, LCSW, RYT & Anastasia Nevin, MS, RDN, RYT

“You are not the soup” is a traditional Zen teaching that reminds us that what we create in the kitchen is neither good’ nor ‘bad.’ It is simply an outcome of mindful effort.  So, too, is the practice on our yoga mats. In this workshop, we will explore this notion of effort-as-path on our mats and our plates as we look into the practice of meeting our bodies just as they are as well as watching sensing, and experiencing our relationship to the food we prepare for our nourishment and enjoyment.

The workshop will include:

  • A slow, deep yoga flow tuning us into our bodily sensations while allowing all feelings and thoughts that arise to be just as they are
  • A collaborative meal cooked and shared together in the beautiful, serene  kitchen at Brooklyn Zen Center 
  • Discussion and exploration around avenues of acceptance with food and our bodies